The world has changed and we are changing with it. We want you all to know we are taking the current health crisis very seriously and will always put your health and safety at the forefront of our operations. 

In addition to our existing safety measures, we have implemented a few new protocols to help you feel at ease when you travel with us. 

Physical Distancing:

Physical distancing can be difficult, especially when travelling or doing activities. To assist in the process of physical distancing, we have installed signage at all locations so you know exactly how far away you need to be from other people. Our buses and boats have been assessed for maximum capacity, adhering to social physical distancing guidelines and we will be strictly complying with these measures. 


Sanitizer will be available at all areas of our business. We have also taken measures to ensure our team are limiting any unnecessary contact through handshakes, high fives or hugs. We request that you use contactless payment options at all times. Staff will wear protective clothing wherever possible (gloves, helmets, masks).


We have increased our cleaning protocols in all areas of our businesses and will ensure all frequently used areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized as per the local health department guidelines. 

Contact Tracing

As a COVID safe business we are continuously looking after the well being and safety of our passengers. In line with Queensland Government Health requirements,  we have electronic contact tracing methods in place.  On the day of travel, every passenger will be required to scan a QR Code prior to boarding our vessels to provide us their full name, email address and phone number. This information is treated confidentially and only available for contact tracing purposes by the government should the need arise to help stop the spread of any health outbreaks. All information will be deleted no later than 56 days after the date of travel.
We also ensure all of our passengers are contacted prior to travel to ensure they are not experiencing any covid like symptoms, have not travelled to a declared hotspot in the last 14 days or have not been in close contact with a known covid case.
We thank you for your cooperation in regards to these important safety measures we have put into place to ensure the safety of our passengers, our staff and our community in line with Government guidelines.